About Us


At the Begining

2009, saw the dawn of Neeyamo – a global HR sevices provider, partnering with multi-national organizations to support their employees’ HR needs from pre-hire to post-retire


About Us


Fast forward by 5 years

After a period of phenomenal achievements, Neeyamo re-pivots itself through the advent of the Long-tail HR solutions strategy. Neeyamo identifies a market segment, that is seldom addressed by service providers; the long-tail regions of multi-national organizations which is often a catastrophic combination of low headcount, broken processes and Victorian technology. This strategy put Neeyamo on the global map and was pivotal for its overall market success.


Fast forward by 5 years

The start of the new decade saw the launch of NeeyamoWorks, Neeyamo’s wholly owned subsidiary, aimed at creating cutting-edge future ready HR products built specifically for organizations with a Long-tail presence.


Under the Hood

Great things happen when passion meets purpose! The Genesis of Neeyamo lies in finding unmet needs, solving the unsolved problems, and doing things innovatively. Over the years, Neeyamo has garnered global domain expertise and understood the HR needs of organizations with a long-tail presence, much better than anybody else. It is this understanding of customer needs to be combined with the innate ability to build platform-based solutions – tried and tested – that has culminated in NeeyamoWorks!

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Global Locations

NeeyamoWorks caters to its global customers through its global delivery centres, regional hubs and proximity centres covering all geographic
regions. This helps us convene local HR requirements and ensure connectivity with customers.

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Awards & Recognitions

Our products have been constantly acknowledged for its high innovation quotient. Here are a few accolades that we have received
over the years.

NeeyamoWorks Community

NeeyamoWorks will using several forums to share frequent updates and developments. We’d like to invite all like-minded individuals to join hands to make a difference and ensure that long-tail HR isn’t necessarily treated as a tail! Do you have that calling? Would you want to join the movement?

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