Prioritize global employee welfare with NeeyamoWorks Benefits

A right global benefits platform can provide a unified experience enhancing cost control, operational efficiency and compliance, while further contributing to attracting and retaining talent.

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A single global HR platform for administering HR benefits

Solution Overview

NeeyamoWorks Benefits offers a seamlessly integrated system for your multinational employees enhancing your employees’ experience in opting for entitled benefits. By leveraging a global model you can effortlessly support audit requirements and your employee helpdesk in a single platform.

Universal features

The NeeyamoWorks Solution suite is a blend of cutting-edge technology, rich functionality and knowledge of our customer’s pulse.

Learn how technology can be of undeniable assistance to your organization

We leverage technology at the zenith to deliver exceptional employee experience and HR efficiency. Find out why we’re certain that you can count on us to make your HR processes breezy by looking into these resources.

Want to derive maximum value from your investment in NeeyamoWorks?

With NeeyamoWorks, customers can opt for implementation, support and User enablement services thereby not leaving them in a lurch after having invested in the NeeyamoWorks product suite. The NeeyamoWorks team hand-holds its clients, helping them to manage change, enhance user adoption and the overall employee experience.

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